About Us

The principle of "talent is the first strategy", and effectively enhance the urgency and responsibility to establish our strong enterprise by the talent strategic, to further improve our work for talent. And we need to explore more new principle, new ideas, new forms to better adapt to the development of our company; Also we can build large reasonable platform for our talent, which is our most essential factor to gather various of excellent talent together. 
Talent Philosophy 
People with both virtue and ability, recruit it;
People with virtue but without ability, nurture it;
People with ability but without virtue, forbid it;
People without both virtue and ability, forget it.
Recruitment principle Recruitment principle 
We provide our talent the best opportunity to display your ability completely and make your dream come true;
We recruit according to your virtue;
We promote according to your ability;
We praise according to your contribution.
Talent Nurturing Principle 
Avidow is just like one college, we put 80% of our strategy into enterprise training; Avidow is just like one college, we focus on the growth of our clients and the culture establishment of our enterprise, we provide our clients the most competitive treatment and welfare and best learning environment and promotional opportunity. ( including all kinds of inner and outside training)
Principle of recruitment 
Fair, Justice, Open, Competitive, Inspirable, Preferable!
Standard of recruitment 
The people, who are loyal to the enterprise, like innovative, good at communication, professional and with great responsibility and cooperation spirit.
Relations between clients 
Avidow is a harmonious garden, each clients is one of the most indispensible member of this big family. We are together, familiarity, faithful and union; we are one unit team, striving together and are one no matter what happened.
Salary and benefit 
The salaries are including the confirmed salary and fluctuate compensation. On the basis of fairness and justice, we worked out the remuneration policy to set wages, performance bonuses and commissions by different standard. Meanwhile, we explore multi benefits principle, such as accident insurance, social insurance, Annual holidays with payment, Birthday gifts, culture and sports activity, traveling, residence receiving, year-end bonus and so on.
Talent reservation 
If you are willing to join Avidow, please kindly to post your complete resume to the following email address, and we will contact with you when available.