About Us

As a leading solution provider of intelligent life device,Avidow established in 2010,is a 100% China enterprise which combines research and development ,manufacturer and distribution for integration . with the development of company and growing of market , we focus on One-Stop Portable & Smart solutions , we privide a series of portable products ,such as Smart Security Devices /Portable Devices etc , Being a professional  manufacturer in Consumer electronics field, Avidow always introduces the most advanced technologies into research and innovation of new products . Our factory have a strong and dynamic R & D department team that is well-experienced and professional, be that in material,structura design ,electronics, mechanical or software engineering. With strong OEM/ODM capabilities, R & D department plays a very important role in guaranteeing fast turnaround of customer designs.
Business strategy and capability
Competitive price - We know price is an important factor to you. As a manufacturer , we can avoid the extra cost by intermediary business and bringing the cost benefit directly back to the customers.
Quality product - We only sell quality products. A  good company should know what consumers think very well . We will only sell a product that we think is great and we would use  it ourselves.
Excellent service - We know service is very important to you and we deliver it the way you expect it. We value our customer and strive to provide you with top notch customer service, even if you don't buy anything from us.
International Warranty - we offers warranty anywhere in the world, so that you can be assure that your item will still be covered when you move to overseass, we believe this is important to travellers who would be using our products all over the world. Please submit your warranty request here.
Honesty is our priority when we communicate with customers and are highly transparent in our communications (e.g. our feedback forum). In addition, we pledge to attend and respond to all your enquiries promptly regardless of warranty status and will always discuss the best options for available to you.
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